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Emerging from the orchestra of life, there crescendos a tune woven with the vibrant hues of passion and purpose. Meet ST. CLAIR JOSHAVIAH RAWLINS – the maestro behind the euphonious cadence of the fine arts and pulsating press. St. Clair is poised to compose the narratives of his life with the ink of destiny and enrapture the spectators of the ‘Mister Kool’ pageant amidst the euphoric energy of the Nevis Culturama Festival’s 50th anniversary.

Entering our realm amidst Virgo’s reign, on August 31st in 1995, his odyssey is a sonorous ode to perseverance and talent. His childhood echoes with the canorous laughter of the Vern N’ Lew Pre-School, the riveting rhythms of the Prospect Primary School, and the ebullient harmonies of the Charlestown Secondary School. However, it is in the warm embrace of music and media that St. Clair welcomes his divine calling. From formative years within the famed Nevis Boys Choir to the prestigious stages of Kittitian Superstar, his voice resonates like a cooling tropical breeze carrying the soulful melodies of his extraordinary Kittivisian rhapsody. Coherently, during an impactful commercial tenure at ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, he fine-tuned his skills in mass communication; ensuring his beloved federation stayed connected.

Yet, his goals soar beyond the boundaries of the present. With a fervor akin to the reverbrance of our cherished Cadre beat, St. Clair aspires to attain post-graduate degrees in Journalism and Music. Indeed, he envisions a future where his pen weaves articles of truth and his voice rings refrains of change. In the words of the legendary Bob Marley, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” He fully embodies this ethos; harnessing the power of song and prose to uplift his community and pave the path towards a brighter tomorrow.

As our world-renowned festivity beckons with its golden jubilant theme, “Celebrating Culture, Embracing History, It’s Culturama 50!”, St. Clair stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of our nation’s indomitable heritage and legacy; a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. So, let the symphony of his journey resound in your hearts; for in his note lies the promise of a cantata yet to unfold.