Nevisian songwriters, producers, and artistes are invited to participate in the “Culturama 50 Jingle Competition” (from now on, referred to as “The C50 Jingle Competition”). This competition is open to individuals with a passion for music and creativity wishing to showcase their talents and contribute to promoting the Nevis Culturama Festival’s 50th anniversary on a local, regional, and international scale. By participating in the C50 Jingle Competition, music producers and artistes have the opportunity to craft a promotional masterpiece that will captivate audiences and serve as a powerful marketing tool for the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of Nevis’ Culturama Festival and Home Coming Celebration from July 25 to August 6, 2024. This competition will open doors to recognition in the music industry, providing regional and international exposure, enticing prizes, and the creation of lifelong musical memories.


  • All entrants must be Nevisians or individuals residing in Nevis for a minimum of twelve (12) months leading up to the entry deadline of the Competition.
  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible.
  • Entrants may be soloists or duets. For duets, the names of each singer must be given.
  • Producers must be Nevisians residing on Nevis or part of the diaspora. Non-resident Nevisian producers must provide verifiable proof of their nationality upon song submission. Proof can include a copy of a birth certificate, passport, or national ID card.
  • Non-nationals living in Nevis for at least twelve (12) months before the competition’s entry deadline are also eligible. However, proof of residence is required.


  1. Entries MUST revolve around the slogan for Culturama 50 (Celebrating Culture, Embracing History, Its Culturama 50!), and the phrase Culturama 50 can also be used.
  2. The jingle can be of any genre but should incorporate Caribbean elements, such as fife, steel pan, banjo, African drums, kettle drum, etc., into the music.
  3. All entries (including lyrics, melody, and arrangement) must be original and unpublished compositions, ensuring no infringement upon copyrights or third-party rights.
  4. The jingle should not have never been entered in any previously organized competition of any genre, locally, regionally, or internationally.
  5. By entering the C50 Jingle Competition, the entrant confirms the authenticity of the submission and agrees to indemnify and hold the Nevis Culturama Committee harmless against any claims that contradict this requirement.
  6. Entries with lyrics that are deemed indecent, derogatory, discriminatory, or defamatory will be rejected.
  7. The jingle must be between 30 and 60 seconds long.
  8. The musical accompaniment for the jingle MUST consist of a blend of at least five (5) of the following instruments (drums, percussions, piano, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, banjo, synthesizers, steel pan, fife, African drums, kettle drum, strings, lead vocals, and backing vocals) that are well-balanced and blended into a professional or semi-professional final product.
  9. The vocals of the singer or singers should be clear and easily audible.
  10. The Nevis Culturama Committee members, employees in the Culturama Secretariat, the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation, and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter.


Each entry must include:

  • The completed entry form.
  • The uploaded audio file of the jingle in MP3 format no longer than 60 seconds long.
  • Typed lyric sheet (with an entrant’s name at the top).
  • Proof of the nationality of the producer.
  • The following information MUST accompany the jingle:
  1. Name of the performer(s):
  2. Name of producer:
  3. Genre of song:
  4. Date of submission:
  • Jingles must be emailed to
  • All submissions must be received via e-mail by Friday, March 15th, at 8:00 p.m. to be eligible for entry into the C50 Jingle Competition.


By entering the C50 Jingle Competition, participants fully acknowledge and accept that all decisions are final and binding. Participants also agree to comply with and be bound by all the terms and conditions outlined in the official Rules and Regulations.

The winner must be readily available and fully committed to fulfilling all obligations and responsibilities they may be required as the C50 Jingle Competition winner.

The Nevis Culturama Committee holds the exclusive rights to use the winning jingle across local, regional, and international platforms to vigorously promote the fiftieth anniversary of the Nevis Culturama Festival and Home Coming Celebration.

Nevis Culturama Festival Nevis Culturama Festival Nevis Culturama Festival

Prizes & Incentives

The winning prize for the song competition is FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in Eastern Caribbean Currency (ECD$5,000.00). The song competition winner will be rewarded with an exclusive opportunity to have the winning song professionally mixed and mastered (post-production) by a renowned music producer.



  1. The songs entered into The C50 Jingle Competition will be judged by Wednesday, April 10, 204.
  2. The judging criteria will focus on musicality, lyrics, composition, vocals, originality, production quality, and promotional appeal.
  3. A panel of qualified judges with music, songwriting, and production expertise will adjudicate all entries submitted to the C50 Jingle Competition.
  4. There shall only be one declared winner in the C50 Jingle Competition.


The WINNER of the C50 Jingle Competition will be announced in the local print and or electronic media and on all social media platforms of the Nevis Island Administration and the Nevis Culturama Committee on Friday, April 12, 2024.