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Residing in the close-knit community of Brick Kiln, is the ambitious and goal oriented Nangela Semple, a beacon of inspiration to many.  She firmly believes that in life, nothing worth having comes easy and it’s through patience and perseverance that we achieve greatness.

Nangela’s vibrant spirit led her to immerse herself in various extracurricular activities, particularly in the realm of sports. She excelled in netball, football and track and field during her years at the Gingerland Secondary School.

She expanded her horizon and joined Elite Dance Theatre and Young Vibrations Steel Orchestra. These experiences allowed her to share her musical passion and connect with diverse audiences.

She is currently a part of the phlebotomy program at the Quality Diagnostic Laboratory. With a vision of becoming a General Practitioner then specializing in Dermatology, she plans to establish her private practice in the future.

In her unwavering pursuit of excellence, Nangela stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the indomitable spirit that drives her forward.