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On the November 30th 2001, the world relished Sherquanya’s existence and foresaw the blooming of a rose. Since then Sherquanya Jeffers has been striving for excellence and making her family proud. Her academic prowess blossomed at the Violet O Jeffers Nicholls Primary School where she emerged as the valedictorian of the 2013 graduating class. She then later transitioned to the Charlestown Secondary School as an undisputed honor roll student and in 2018 her scholastic fortitude afforded her the opportunity to graduate from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College with an Associate’s degree in Entreprenuership.

Among her leisure activities, dancing, drawing and modelling are her favorites. The love for the performing arts has always been a part of Sherquanya’s life; from modeling around the house as a little girl in her mother’s heels to then practicing her pageant introduction with her dolls or even participating in school concerts and dance recitals. Therefore, it was no surprise when she decided to participate in her first pageant in 2022; The Miss Culture Swimsuit Pageant, where she emerged victorious as the Queen.

Today, Sherquanya is an ardent Mental Health awareness advocate, and has decided to make this societal issue her platform for the 2024 staging of the Miss Culture Queen Pageant. Her aim is simple! Shed light on mental health issues and break down the stigmas surrounding them. She says “it is important for one to accept the past while still being able to sensitize the present, and then create a sound future that prioritizes mental health awareness.”

She draws inspiration from her personal mantra “Despite all of life’s challenges never give up”. It is no wonder why Miss Jeffers always encourages people to keep smiling, be positive and always give one hundred percent each time you play. Sherquanya Jeffers cordially invites you on the 4th of August, 2024 to witness this spectacular staging of the Miss Culture Queen Pageant!