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Small in stature but big in personality perfectly describes 23 year old Belinda Clarke, affectionately known as BB

As a “premi” baby that had all the odds against her, and was given a second chance at life, Belinda chooses to live her life courageously, eager to learn and try new things throughout life, thus prompting the start of this pageant journey.

She embraces her passion for baking, having been in the kitchen since she was about 5 years old as her late grandmother’s right hand. She excelled in food and nutrition and all things culinary and even went on to achieve an associate degree in Culinary Arts at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant college in 2020.

Belinda has a love for the arts and all expressions of creativity as she was participating in poetry and reading competitions and was a dancer for most of her life.

She is a brilliant crafter and an avid reader. Her love for her dogs adds an extra layer of warmth to her vibrant personality and she considers her dogs to be family, not pets.

 Belinda is not only skilled in the kitchen but also academically which led her to becoming a Susanna Lee High School Scholarship Program awardee. Since then she has also completed a Harvard customer service short course, and a Business Writing and Communication course along with a Customer service course at The University of the West indies.

She also was a member of multiple groups such as the Charlestown Girls Brigade, the Rythmz of the Arts Dance Ensemble, S.P.A.C.E, the church of God of prophesy youths to name a few and is now a member of the Elites Modeling Agency.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the vivacious spirit of Belinda as she is sure to show the public that good things do indeed come in small packages!