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Vanessa Simon, is a name that resonates with the sweetest melodies and most engaging performances. With a kaleidoscope of talents and a deep love for the arts, she captivates audiences and sets new standards of excellence.

Born with an innate love for singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and acting, Vanessa embodies the true essence of a multifaceted artiste.

Yet, Vanessa’s ambitions extend beyond the spotlight. Her unbreakable determination and sense of justice have ignited a passion for the field of law. Aspiring to become a lawyer, she envisions a future where she can use her knowledge and skills to make a profound impact, championing the cause of justice.

Vanessa’s journey to greatness has been paved with remarkable achievements. Such as being a recipient of the prestigious 2020 Most Remarkable Teen Award, a true reflection of her exceptional dedication, resilience and commitment to excellence. This accolade not only recognizes her outstanding talent but also serves as a testament to her character and tenacious pursuit of greatness. She is a familiar face in pageantry having won the Miss Dainty Pageant in 2019 and placed 2nd runner up in the Ms. Culture Swim Wear Pageant just last year.

Beyond her extraordinary talents and accomplishments, Vanessa is a gifted violinist. 

As a contestant in the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, Vanessa takes this opportunity to raise awareness to the mental illness known as Body Dysmorphia. It is her desire to be an example to young girls who struggle with feeling unhappy in their own bodies. Always remember that you are perfectly imperfect! She invites the world to witness her unrivaled charisma and talent as she strives to prove that true beauty encompasses not only outward glamour but also intelligence and depth of character.