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The captivating journey of Akedo Nisbett, a spirited and daring 20-year-old, unfolds against the backdrop of the picturesque island haven known as Queen City, Nevis. Guided by the loving hand of his father, Andrew “King Hollywood” Nisbett, Akedo found his calling amidst the mesmerizing melodies of music at a tender age. From his earliest days, he was drawn to the allure of musical expression, immersing himself in the world of instruments, choirs, and the vibrant stage.

Akedo’s passion for music blossomed as he journeyed through various musical avenues, leaving an indelible mark wherever he ventured. Many may recall his spirited performances in Junior Calypso, or perhaps his crowning achievement at Gingerama in 2016, where his talent shone brightly for all to see. Yet, his musical odyssey continues to evolve, marked by recent forays into the Senior Calypso and Soca Monarch competitions.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Akedo dedicates considerable time to nurturing his physique and maintaining peak physical condition. Setting his sights on the coveted title of Mr. Kool, he approaches his fitness regimen with determination and discipline, embodying a balanced pursuit of both artistic and physical excellence.

Despite his growing acclaim and accomplishments, Akedo remains grounded in humility, viewing himself as a youthful advocate for the arts. His aspirations extend beyond mere performance, as he endeavors to inspire creativity and
uplift spirits through his unique blend of humor, lyrical prowess, and boundless generosity. Wherever his musical journey leads, Akedo carries with him a heartfelt desire to leave a positive imprint on the world around him.

Fueled by an unwavering ambition and ignited by an unyielding passion, Akedo Nisbett embodies the epitome of determination and drive. With his infectious charisma and unwavering optimism, he is poised to capture hearts and minds alike, much like the infectious energy of Culturama that sweeps across the island, leaving a lasting impression wherever it touches.