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On a sparkling Tuesday in May 2002, the enchanting island of St. Kitts and Nevis welcomed a spirited and warm-hearted soul named Shaléize Smithen into the world.

Shaléize embarked on her educational journey at St. Johnson Pre-School, where her insatiable thirst for knowledge quickly set her apart. Even at the tender age of two, she displayed remarkable aptitude, often leaving her teacher, Ms. Elsie Mills, astonished by her eagerness to learn. Shaléize’s aunt, Ms. Sharline Halliday, sometimes had to intervene to ensure other students had a chance to participate in class activities!

Her educational voyage continued at Joycelyn Liburd Primary School in 2007, where she not only excelled academically but also discovered her passion for track and field. This was just the beginning. In 2012, Shaléize transitioned to Dr. William Connor Primary School, where her love for athletics blossomed. That same year, she clinched the Under-11 championship, igniting a fire within her to explore even more sports—from tennis and football to netball, cricket, and volleyball.

Shaléize maintained an exceptional academic record. In 2012, she secured second place in the Test of Standards, propelling her to 5a1. The following year, her unwavering dedication propelled her to first place in the Test of Standards, advancing her to 6a1. Shaléize graduated from Dr. William Connor Primary School with the prestigious “Promising Athlete of the Year” award, narrowly missing out on the coveted “Victrix Ludorum” title by a single point.Entering Washington Archibald High School, Shaléize embraced the challenge of balancing her burgeoning athletic career with a demanding academic workload, successfully completing twelve subjects.

The song “Save a Life” by Shaggy and Friends left an indelible mark on Shaléize’s life, inspiring her journey and shaping her into the remarkable woman she is today and sparked her interest in medicine. The COVID-19 pandemic further deepened her appreciation for life’s complexities and meanings, illuminating new pathways forward, and she stands today inspired to enter the field of nursing as a way to give back to the community, help others and save lives.

Shaléize’s aspirations crystallized around a career in nursing. With a resilient spirit, insatiable curiosity, and a heart brimming with ambition, Shaléize is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world. Watch as she transforms her dreams into reality, with the grace and determination of a future Miss Culture Swimwear and the passion of a caregiving nurse.