Introduction: In St. Kitts-Nevis, tourism is a major contributor to our economic sector. As prepare for the 50th anniversary of Culturama, the Ministry of Tourism, the Nevis We Tourism Authority and the Culturama Secretariat are collaborating to expand the accommodation sector through a homestay programme. This is in response to the high demand of requests to book accommodations by visitors and returning nationals during the Culturama 50 period

Overall Goal: This product represents the tourism goal of achieving sustainable tourism and achieving growth in community-based tourism (CBT). The goal for this product is for tourists to engage in local culture such as local food and festivals and traditions that will be on display at Culturama.

Aims: The aims of the programme are:

  1. provide alternative and affordable accommodation to visitors and returning nationals within our communities
  2. To provide an enriching authentic Nevisian experience that will bring economic benefit to locals
  3. Assist in attaining sustainable tourism and the promotion of tourism within rural communities
  4. Spread tourism spending and boost economic development overall

(Proposed) Categories of homestay programme:

  1. True Nevisian Experience (renting a room in a Nevisian home/shared space)
  2. Apartment/Guest House
  3. Luxury Nevisian Homes and Villas


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