Shani David

Shani David
Contestant #2

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others for with such sacrifice God is pleased”. It is upon this theological foundation, that her purpose was created – to spread kindness like glitter and make the world a beautiful place.

Shani David illuminated our world on October 25th 1994 and since then, her radiance, intellect and unyielding passion to serve has lit the pathways of hope for humanity. From an early age, she knew she was destined to help others and has done so ever since in every capacity afforded to her, whether as a tutor, nurse or counselor. During her primary school years, she realized the possibility of manifesting her relentless benevolence into a fulfilling career.

After successfully completing her secondary education and attaining her CSEC qualifications, Shani ventured into the world of hospitality. This multifaceted resident of Cole Hill embraced the opportunity to heighten her interpersonal skills and deepen her problem-solving, critical and analytical skills through her employment as a Customer Service Representative. Every lesson learnt is furthering he her entry into the noble profession of nursing. Then, she posits, we will see a magnitude of genuine passion and service that would revolutionize her community.

Even more so, she would heighten her advocacy for the plight of those who suffer from mental health illnesses. Shani is pushing her limits and courageously using the Miss Culture Queen Pageant as an advocate for her platform by promoting mental health awareness.