Jonieka Smithen

Jonieka Smithen
Contestant #1

The tranquility of this island paradise was awaken to the cries of a beautiful baby girl on December 2nd, 1996.  Ms. Jonieka Smithen would make her entrance to this world and her journey through life would be a storied one. Her academic life saw her enroll at the Charlestown Primary School where she was able to capture the coveted crown of Talented Youth in 2008.  Jonieka then went on to excel at the Charlestown Secondary School and subsequently during her studies at College Earth University in Costa Rica.

Jonieka is very passionate about dancing and enjoys meeting new people either in person or via social media. She enjoys the task of applying her own makeup.

Her love for animals is what currently drives her desire and passion to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Ms. Smithen is no stranger to the competitive arena of pageantry. As former Ms. Culture Queen and National Carnival Contestant, she knows all too well the commitment and sacrifice that comes with such a journey. It is her experience and her exposure to different cultures while overseas that has renewed her vigor and drive to re-enter this pageant and be successful in her quest to take home yet another pageant crown.

Currently Ms. Smithen is completing online courses with the Business University in Florida and is living each day with this motto: “Nothing is impossible, the world itself says I’m Possible!”