Ranciato Jeffers

Ranciato Jeffers

Contestant #1

Height – 6’3″
Occupation – Customer Service Representative

Sponsor – FLOW

Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanour, this seductive stallion Ranciato Jeffers, is both immensely talented and very well spoken. Born March 4th 1996 to Mr. Adolph and Roslyn Jeffers, he is a proud Butler’s Village native.

With an education spanning from the St. James Primary school to the Nevis Sixth Form College, he has always been motivated by the motto; “Go hard or not at all.” With this in mind he is determined to one day achieve his goal of becoming both a professional volley ballplayer and a veterinarian.

Along with playing volleyball and caring for his animals, he also enjoys exercising, listening to music and experimenting with different musical instruments as well as socializing.  Ranciato believes that staying fit is extremely important to live a healthy life and it also contributes to a strong mentality. As such he is staunch proponent of physical fitness and incorporating it into our daily life.

He holds in great esteem the late but most honourable Mr. David Freeman as one of his idols, because of his mastery of music especially his exceptional fife playing skills . Mr. Owen Bussue is another of his idols, whom he admires for his ability to uniquely craft from scratch, musical instruments such as the guitar.

Being a first time participant in a Culturama competition, he views it as an opportunity to contribute to keeping our Nevisian culture alive and to set a positive example that other males in our society can embrace and follow.

Ranciato would like to thank his family for their support and FLOW for their continued sponsorship of Culturama.  He would also like to encourage the men in our society to become more active in cultural activities, by  participating in competitions, being involved in cultural art forms or supporting various events.  Let’s all make our contribution to Culturama 44.