Culturama 43 Cultural Street Parade Results

Fantasy (Senior)

Fantasy (Senior)

Winner: Have you seen them                                                                         566

Presented by- Island Tyres and Hardware & Dc Trucking

1st Runner Up: Legacies of St. James’                                                              562

Presented by-St. James Funlovers

2nd Runner Up:  Blue Crush                                                                             516

Presented by- Royal Rampage

Fantasy (Junior)

Winner: Dancing with the stars                                                                       548

Presented by- Baadaye’s

1st Runner Up: Tropical Fantasy                                                                       399

Presented by- Charmaine Stevens

2nd Runner Up: The celebration of music                                                       233

Presented by- Jocelyn Liburd Primary School

Float (Senior)

Winner: Legacies of St. James’                                                                        562

Presented by- St. James’ Funlovers

1st Runner Up: Agriculture in splendor                                                           412

Presented by- Department of Agriculture

Float (Junior)

Winner: Peachicks                                                                                            338

Presented by- Peachicks Children’s Store

Folklore (Senior)

Winner: Cotton Ground Masquerade                                                            507

1st Runner up: On de spot                                                                               471

2nd Runner up: Homeless                                                                                 237

Presented by- Zumbae

Folklore (Junior)

Winner: David Dynasty Masquerade                                                              500

1st Runner Up: Togetherness Masquerade                                                     471

2nd Runner Up: Grassroots Masquearde

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