c-brantley-smAs Minister of Culture and Information within the Nevis Island Administration, it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the brand new website for our premier Cultural extravaganza, Culturama.

This year the people of Nevis celebrate 40 years of Culturama and the first ever Homecoming Celebration where we twin Culturama with a celebration of our people in the Diaspora and an invitation for them to come home to Nevis and rekindle their historical and emotional bonds with their homeland.

What better way to share information and stay in touch with all of our people than through the power of the internet. This website is designed with you in mind. To inform you. To educate you. To excite you. To entice you. And above all to inflame your passion for Nevis’ culture, folklore, pageantry and fun.

I hope you will enjoy this brand new site and invite others to view it. This is our Nevis. This is our culture. Embrace it. Be proud of it. Share it.

Again welcome to our new website and I look forward to welcoming you to Nevis for Culturama 40 and Nevis first ever Homecoming celebration from July 24th to August 5th, 2014.

Warm regards
Mark Brantley
Minister of Culture and Information

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