I. Thematic development (5 pts)
II. Catchiness of hook line (5 pts)
III. Appropriateness of language (5 pts)
IV. Effectiveness of rhymes (5 pts)

I. MELODY Line (15 points)

Catchiness of melody line and chorus
Short melodic lines

II. Arrangement (25 Points)

How it enhances the basic melodic structure
Use of instruments: string, wind, percussion, drums etc.

III. Groove (10 Points)

Marriage of lyrics and music (phrasing must differ from traditional calypso)
Mode must suit theme
Dance ability (should cause audience to swing and sway and not jump and prance)

I. Rendition (15 Points)

Clarity of vocal chords, intonation, timing, enunciation, mood, conviction, pitch, adherence to key.

II. Presentation (10 Points)

Body language
Use of stage
Appropriateness of dress
Effective use of props
Maintaining contact with audience

lll. Crowd Response (5 Points)

Artist should be able to communicate the mood of the song to his/her audience causing the audience to respond positively to the performance

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