Opening Number

All participants in the Mr. Kool Competition will perform an opening number along with the contestants in the Miss Culture Swim Wear Competition. This will be in the form of a modelling/dance routine and may be accompanied by dancers to add flair to the opening number.

A brief introduction is required which should be no longer than 10 seconds. The 41st Anniversary slogan should also accompany the introduction….   Culture fete and fun Culturama 41

Please note that this segment will not be judged, but it will set the tone for the judged segments, so participants should ensure that they perform at their best in the opening number.

The attire worn, music, as well as the choreography, will be chosen by the Committee.

**SEGMENT 1: Beach Wear  

Each participant will be given 2 minutes in which to parade a beachwear of his choice. The style, colour, choice of beach wear etc is solely up to the participants/trainer. Please note that this segment showcases the participant’s modeling skills, charm and physical fitness, so every effort should be placed on scoring as high as possible in the beach wear appearance.

Music: The music selected is solely up to the participant/trainer and participants are reminded to choose music early, practice well so as to master this segment. Music must be emailed to no later than 23rd July 2015 at 4:00pm. Music should be in mp3 format

Descriptions: A type written description of the beach wear is required and would be read while the participant is parading the beach wear. (Description will be read by a person selected by the committee) The write up should be no longer than 80 words and should be emailed to no later than 23rd July 2015 at 4:00pm.

Committee will not accept after stipulated date.

This beach wear should also be named.

**Segment 2: Talent Performance


The Mr. Kool participants are expected to present a talent piece not exceeding 5 minutes. This segment in the show reveals the participant’s natural abilities and skills showcased in the chosen talent performance.

It can be a single talent or a combination of talents eg. (singing, dancing, drumming etc), or something that the participant is comfortable exhibiting. Participants are encouraged to be as entertaining as possible.

Please pay attention to the content of the talent performance as it should be something that the audience would appreciate and should not be offensive.

Trainers should speak with stage management and assist with the layout of the props. (All those who would be coming on stage to assist with props are required to wear black)

Human props are allowed.  


**Segment 3: GQ Wear Appearance

Participants are required to display a GQ wear for no more than 2 minutes. This segment reveals the participant’s interpretation of “GQ” and brings out creativity and “koolness.” This term is used to describe a guy who is dressed nicely, very sleek, or very sexy to the ladies.

The attire chosen is solely up to the participants/trainers as well as colour, fabric and accessories. There are no restrictions on whether the attire is locally made or bought.

Music selection is the participants/trainers choice:

Description not exceeding 80 words is required and must be emailed to no later than 23rd July 2015 at 4:00pm. Music should be in mp3 format

(Description will be read by a person selected by the committee)

**Segment 4: On Stage Interview

An onstage interview will be conducted after each Participant has modeled his GQ wear.

A brief chit chat will be done on stage before the judge question.

The main question asked would be derived from the Participants’ biography.


After the points are tallied, the winners of the segments and runners up would be named and the winner of the Mr Kool Competition will be crowned


Judging Criteria

Segment 1: Beach Wear (50 Points)

Physical Fitness 25 points

-muscle tone

-muscle definition

-absence of cellulite

Fit 10 points

– creative style

–proper fit

Carriage/ Personality 15 points

– Participant models the beach wear with skill

– variety of poses

– confidence


Segment 2: Talent Appearance (50 Points)

Execution / Delivery 25 points



Presentation 10 points

-effect of props & special effects

-originality of ideas & delivery


Creativity 10 points

-talent is creative

-original and not recently seen displayed

Impact on Audience 5 points

-reaction from the audience

-ability to hold the audience’s attention

Segment 3: GQ Wear (50 Points)

Appearance 15 points

-style & fit of clothing

-participant looks well put together

-generally the participant looks attractive

Creativity 15 points


-not recently worn on stage

-attire well put together

Carriage & Modeling Skills 15 points

-attire properly carried



-style and variety of poses

Overall finished look 5

-good interpretation of GQ

-participant looks charming


Segment 4: Interview (50 Points)

Content 25 points

-knowledge of subject

-fluency of ideas

Command of Language 15 points

-proper sentence construction

-grammatical accuracy

-appropriate use of dialect/slang

-words properly pronounced

Personality 10 points

-engagement of interviewer/audience



-projects an air of confidence



  1. Mr Photogenic (No Points) Will be chosen by photographer
  1. Mr Popular (No Points) person who got the most likes on the Facebook page
  1. Best Beach Wear
  1. Best Performing Talent
  1. Best GQ Wear
  1. Best Interview
  1. Second Runner Up
  1. First Runner Up
  1. Kool 2015
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