Opening Number

All contestants will perform together in an opening number which may be in the form of a modeling/dance routine, and may also be accompanied by dancers to add flair to the opening number. The music chosen and choreography will be chosen by the Committee. This opening number will set the tone for the competition and the entire evening’s event.

Contestants would briefly introduce themselves by mentioning a salutation, their name, age, slogan and sponsor ONLY during this introduction.

**Segment 1: Cultural Icon Speech

Contestants are required to present a speech not exceeding 2 minutes.

Contestants should highlight a Cultural Icon and the area of culture their icon contributed to the preservation of our culture and history. No human props.

**Segment 2: Swim Wear

The Swimwear appearance reveals the contestants physical fitness, personality, poise, creativity and charm, as well as modeling skills

Each contestant will be given 2 minutes in which to parade a swimwear of her choice. The style, colour etc is solely up to the contestant/chaperone.

THONGS are prohibited. Props such as (hats, fans, branches, wraps, scarves) will be allowed but physical props on stage are prohibited.

Props should be removed within 15 seconds on stage.

No body paint is allowed.

All Tattoos MUST be covered.

*Music: The music selected is solely up to the contestant/chaperone and everyone is reminded to choose music early and practice to master the modeling routine.

*Descriptions: A type written description and name of the swim wear is required and would be read while the contestant is parading the swimwear. (Description will be read by a person selected by the committee) The write up should be no longer than 100 words. Write up and music should be emailed to on 26th July 2015 no later than 4:00pm.

Music should be in mp3 format

**Segment 3: Performing Talent

The talent appearance has always been an integral part of the Miss Culture Queen Pageant. It is in this segment that the true Nevisian culture is displayed in whatever talent performance the contestant exhibits. It can be a chosen talent or a combination of talents e.g. (Singing, dancing, drumming, dramatizing etc)

A member of the committee is required to see talent at least 3 weeks before show.

The performing talent should NOT exceed 5 minutes.

Please pay special attention to the content of the talent performance as it should be something that the audience can appreciate. It should also be appreciated overseas as a wide audience listens to the pageant via the World Wide Web.

Chaperones should speak with stage management ahead of time to ensure proper and smooth execution of the talent, if props are involved. They should also assist with the layout of the props. Please remember that Human props are not allowed.  

Please ensure that music is well recorded and in sequence, if music is involved.

*Descriptions: A type written description of Talent is required and would be read before contestant appear on stage. (Description will be read by a person selected by the committee) Write up and music should be emailed to on 26th July 2015 no later than 4:00pm.

Music should be in mp3 format

(All those who would be coming on stage to assist with props are required to wear black)

**Segment 4: Evening Gown

The evening gown segment brings out the creativity, style, sophistication, poise and modeling skills of the contestants.

In this segment, contestants are required to display a floor length evening gown in heels for not more than 2 minutes.

There are no restrictions to the evening gown chosen but contestants/chaperones are encouraged to select styles, and colours which accentuate the contestant’s body and complexion.

Evening gown MUST be locally made

Write up and music should be emailed to on 26th the July 2015 no later than 4:00pm.

(Description will be read by a person selected by the committee)

Music should be in mp3 format


**Segment 5: On Stage Interview

An onstage interview will be conducted after each contestant has modeled her evening gown.

The main question asked would be derived from the contestant’s biography.


After the points are tallied, the winners of the segments and runners up would be named and the winner of the 41st Miss Culture Queen Pageant will be crowned.

Judging Criteria


Segment 1: Cultural Icon Speech (50 Points)

Content of Speech 20

Information well researched

Good sentence construction

Speech is coherent and flows properly

Absence of grammatical errors

Diction & Clarity 10

Good intonation

No slurred speech

Breathing is controlled

Posture & Personality 10

Good eye contact with audience

Contestant well postured

Contestant not pacing or tapping legs

Naturalness & Overall Delivery 10

Contestant looks comfortable and confident delivering speech

Segment 2: Swim Wear (50 Points)

Physical Fitness 25 points

-muscle tone

-muscle definition

-absence of cellulite

– No jiggling

Suitability & Fit 10 points

-flattering style

-well constructed

-proper fit

-colour enhances contestant

Carriage & Personality 15 points


-style & range of poses

Polished appearance

-grace & poise

-overall attractive appearance

-appropriate accessories

Segment 3: Talent Performance (50 Points)

Execution / Delivery 30 points



-confident delivery

Presentation 15 points

-effect of props & special effects

-originality of ideas & delivery


Impact on Audience 5 points

-reaction from the audience

-ability to hold the audience’s attention


Segment 4: Eveningwear (50 Points)

Appearance   15 points                                

-style & fit of clothing

-appropriate accessories

-makeup and hairstyle

-dress well made

Creativity 15 points                                               

-originality – not a recently worn dress

-creativity of the dress

Modeling, Poise 15 points




-style and variety of poses

Overall finished look 5 points

-Contestant’s overall look

-Contestant looks admirable


Segment 5: Interview (50 Points)

Content 25 points

-knowledge of subject

-fluency of ideas

Command of Language 15 points

-proper sentence construction

-grammatical accuracy

-appropriate use of dialect/slang

-words properly pronounced

Personality 10 points

-engagement of interviewer/audience



-projects an air of confidence




  1. Miss Photogenic (No Points)
  1. Miss Popularity (No Points)
  1. Miss Congeniality (No points)
  2. Best Cultural Icon Speech
  3. Best Swim Wear
  4. Best Performing Talent
  5. Best Evening Gown
  6. Best On Stage Interview
  7. Second Runner Up
  8. First Runner Up
  9. Miss Culture Queen 2015
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