The Criteria for judging is as follows:
Lyrics (40 pts)
Music (30 pts)
Performance (30 pts)


A. Expression of Theme (5 pts)

(1) Does the calypso have a distinct recognizable theme? How well
do the words develop and support the theme?

(2) Are the verses linked to the theme or are they scattered?

(3) Do the verses flow logically back into the chorus to re-enforce the theme and meaning of the song?

B. Word Craft (15 pts)

(1) Appropriateness of choice of words.

(2) Use of satire, subtlety, double entendre, irony, wit, humour, puns, play on words.

(3) Style and skill of composition

(4) Quality of rhyme

C. Lyrics (15 pts)

(1) Marriage of lyric and melody/arrangement

(2) Do the words compliment each other smoothly and comfortably or is the song over-crowded with the singer having to rush the words to get them in?

(3) How smoothly do the lyrics flow along with the arrangement?

D. Creativity (5pts)

(1) Unusually interesting interpretation of the topic or the effective
incorporation of local color/experiences into the calypso.


A. Melody (15 pts)

(1) Strength and sweetness of the melody of the verses, singing
chorus and band chorus.

(2) Does the tune carry the message effectively? Is it married to the lyrics in terms of measurement?

(3) Does it capture the mood of the theme?

B. Arrangement (10 Pts)

(1) Does it suit the mood and tempo?

(2) Are particular instruments used to specially create and convey

(3) Does it have the proper key or orchestration?

(4) Does the key carry the melody properly?

(5) Effectiveness of the back-up vocals (if any)

C. Originality (5pts)

(1) Are the melody and arrangement original?

(2) Are the pieces of other people’s music included?
(3) Are there novel musical ideas in the arrangement or melody?

(4) Is there any successful incorporation of unusual musical instruments or combination of instruments?

Performance Section is categorized into 3 areas, which are:


A. Rendition (15 pts)

(1) How the calypso is actually? Is it in calypso style?

(2) Does the singer use his voice effectively to interest the song?
Are there nuances of the vocals chords?

(3) Is the singer in the proper key? Is the manner of singing in keeping with the mood of the song?

(4) How good is the diction?

B. Presentation (10 pts)

(1) The use of body, the hands, face, body contortions, energy.

(2) The use of the stage.

(3) The use of the microphone.

(4) Are the above being used to more effectively communicate the song and to improve the understanding of its lyrics?

C. Demonstration (5pts)

(1) This includes the use of dress, props, stagehands and dancers.

(2) Are there other symbols of communication assisting or interfering with the presentation of songs? Are they original symbols?


A panel of five (5) judges and seven (7) judges will evaluate the performance of each semi-finalist and finalist respectively in the two rounds of the competition.

The highest and the lowest scores per round for each Calypsonian will be discarded to eliminate fear of discrimination or favoritism.

A reputable auditor will tabulate and certify the points before they are turned over to the announcer or MC.

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