Zarina Alcendor

Zarina Alcendor was born on February 4th 1998, and what brought joy to Jean Alcendor-Browne and Clive Browne will soon be a delight to so many. The nineteen year old cherishes life and is a philanthropist at heart. Her modest character and zeal for helping others has certainly influenced her desire to serve. During her formative years at the St.Thomas Primary School and Charlestown Secondary School, she spent a great deal of consideration on what career path she would take. It was the learned physician, Hippocrates, who articulated that “wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity” and quite naturally, Zarina has chosen to pursue a career in medical science and become an Obstetrician. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than bringing new life into the world and it would be an honour indeed to be involved in this miracle service.

The essence of the Aquarius energy makes her community-oriented, humanitarian, and neighbourly. This Fountain Village resident truly has her heart set on the welfare of others, particularly the homeless and destitute persons. She is consistently adamant that it is everyone’s human right to an adequate standard of living and hopes to engage in discourse as to how we can lend a helping hand to those who need it. Her advice? Spread kindness like glitter and watch the world become a beautiful place.