Tyler Theophane

Tyler Theophane is a 19-year-old youth activist who hails from the culturally rich community of Caffeire in Choiseul, Saint Lucia. She is the second of three siblings and is currently employed at Financial Investment and Consultancy Services Ltd. (FICS) an indigenous financial institution.

Tyler is a graduate of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, where she obtained an Associate’s Degree in environmental science. These qualifications did not come about by accident, as she is an avid lover of nature who intends to pursue her dream of becoming an environmentalist.

Tyler’s love for nature consumes her spare time which entail an abundance of outdoor activities includes hiking.  She is also an avid reader, and readily admits that when the adventurer in her is tamed, she can be found snuggling up with a good book penned by her favorite authors Stephanie Mills, E.L. James or more recently Samantha King, at what better place than one of the island’s beautiful beaches.

Her community of Caffeire is an extremely closely knit family type community. She proudly proclaims her mother, to be the most profound influence in her life. The adage that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ finds root in Tyler’s life as she has followed closely in the footsteps of her mother who either participates in or is responsible for organizing community sporting and social activities.

Tyler is involved in all of the youth clubs in her community and a participant in the many activities that naturally flow from such membership. She has pioneered the development of an all-girls youth group which was launched this year and which focusses on the empowerment of young women.

Raised on the motto –  “trying and failing is better than failing to try” she hopes that through this movement, she can play a pivotal role as a mentor and member in positively shaping the lives of young women just as her mother her role model.