Shermaine Meade

In the year 1995 devastation hit the beautiful island of Montserrat, when the Soufrière Hills erupted. Infrastructures were demolished and later in 1997 lives were loss. 1995 was a year of grief and disappear. Among all the sadness and trials a few families found joy and hope. This hope could have been seen in the glistening eyes of the next generation of Montserratians.

Within that same year a young Montserratian named Shermaine Meade gave birth to a baby girl. The baby girl grew up to be a driven, hardworking, determined and spontaneous young woman. That young woman is me, Zenoushka Meade. I am 21 years old and I am of proud Montserratian descent.

I hold an Associate’s Degree in Resort Management from the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelors in Management-International Business at the University of the West Indies.
My hobbies include poetry writing, craft and historical research. I also have interest in the different art forms such as drama.

When I am not broadening my knowledge, expressing myself through art, helping others or just having fun with my friends, I am out sharpening my managerial skills. I am currently the operations manager of a newly established digital media company, Number15 Grapics.Animation.Video.

During my younger years I was an amateur runway and photo model, an esteemed debater and a volunteer to the disabled. I have supported the no bullying within school’s campaign by being a part of the construction of an informative billboard. Upon placing second runner up in the annual Miss Montserrat Queen pageant 2015, I have started my own no bullying campaign (which is a pending collaborative effort between myself and CARICOM youth ambassadors) on Montserrat.

In conclusion I am a well-rounded, ambitious and vibrant individual, whose greatest desire is to be a true ambassador for my island.