Lisa Walcott

Lisa Keisha Walcott is a young woman with an extraordinary love for life. Her repertoire of talents includes dancing and acting. The model’s ultimate passion is singing, she can’t go a day without it. Modelling has given her a louder voice to sound her beliefs on the importance of suicide prevention since she lost her brother to this act.

The 5’6 model who received her education at South Ruimveldt Secondary, dreams of becoming an engineer. Balancing her dream, while making a living, Walcott ensures she has her safety net. A lesson learn from one of her role model’s Meleesa Payne. Walcott also encourages young people to stay focused and know the importance of education.

Lisa believes that every child has the right to a safe and loving home with a standard education, food, clothing, medical attention and the absolute right to dream of becoming a successful and respectable individual in society. She added that children fall victim to many dangers due to neglect, rejection and false love which she is no a stranger too since she would have experience some amount of child neglect and child abuse. Lisa believes that with the right moral standards enforced through communication from parents, guardians, teachers and adults, children can be molded to become responsible and positive leaders.