Katherina Davis

25-year-old Katherina Davis is a proud citizen of the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. This jovial Kittitian affectionately known as Kathy, stands confidently at 5 feet 11 inches, believing that hard work and determination are both so essential to achieving many of her goals. This has proven to be true both in her recent endeavor in pageantry and her long time involvement in fashion modeling. Although having recently stepped onto the pageantry scene and copping the top place in the St. Kitts-Nevis National Carnival Queen Pageant 2016-2017, Kathy’s place has always been in fashion runway and commercial modeling. Her signature walk and classic beauty have led to her many appearances on regional and local runways with a strong desire to one day secure a modeling contract with a reputable international agency.

Of her other special interests which include traveling and dancing Kathy’s charismatic, generous, enthusiastic and amicable personality is often most prominent during her involvement in volunteer programmes or her community. Throughout the years, she has been hosting after school homework assistance at her home, organising community beautification projects and eagerly acting as an assistant for her community library.

In the next five years she would like to become a greater asset to her current place of employment the St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She also intends on continuing to work with her family the ‘Tyson’s Family Dream Big Charity’, an organization that assists students to become connected with professionals who occupy careers of which these students are interested in pursuing.

Although an avid reader, Katherina has no favourite author, as she prefers to read on various topics, which may act as a guide in her current life position. However, she finds inspiration in individuals who dare to pursue their dreams no matter how unconventional. The person she admires most is a highly respected young female entrepreneur in her very own country by the name of Desi Brown. Desi possesses a strong passion for the arts and the will power to pursue her goals despite her youthful age and any negativity surrounding her. Kathy dubs this ‘’the will of fire’’; strength of character she wishes to adopt as she pursues her own aspirations in life. As life would have it, the 23 year old Director of Poise SKN now happens to be her Chaperone and Pageant Coach.